December 5, 2009

Cat Lady No. 333...Sisterly Love

Cat Lady Alison has had a trying year. She had to say goodbye to her beloved 20-year-old tuxedo Katarina in October 2008...followed by saying goodbye to her new kitten Mina only 5 months old --the victim of deadly FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis).

Alison began to doubt that she could ever give her heart to another feline. Then a friend, whose one unfixed cat had an unexpected litter of four (mama cat has since been spayed), asked Alison if she would take one of her kittens home. Alison chose a kitten, and her friend asked if she would take TWO kittens, so they wouldn't be lonely....How could she say no? That is how sisters Keely & Fiona found their new home on Earth Day, April 22...and joy has returned after much sadness!

Alison describes their emerging personalities: "Keely is truly our 'Supermodel' 'Hollywood' cat (her new nicknames besides 'Big Kitty' - she is BIG). Keely means 'beautiful' in Irish so she is well-named - a very affectionate kitty.

"Fiona is my lap cat girl with the tiniest face and meow to match - also affectionate. Fiona means 'fair' in Scottish. She is the explorer of the two and is something fierce for such a wee cat (forget about giving her meds - you'll end up worse for wear)."

In Mina's memory, Alison has become an ally in the race to find a cure for FIP . To find out more about FIP, visit these websites: Winn Feline Foundation's - Bria Fund - and the U.C. Davis Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH)- SOCK FIP

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missbreezysbox said...

It is amazing how animals touch humans. Thank Alison for opening up her broken heart again to care for and help kitties. Love the white cat.

Linda B said...

My calico, Mischief, died of FIP years ago and she'll never be replaced although we have a new Buddy in our home.

Glad Allison was ready for new kitties.

Anonymous said...

Keely, Fiona and I can't wait for our portrait to arrive in the mail! There will be more squeals of delight I can assure you.

FYI - Fiona is the b/w tux and Keely is the brindle tiger tux.

Many thanks again Susan!