November 28, 2009

Cat Lady No. 327...Fa La La La La

Cat Lady Monica and Tabby Turbo just finished decking all of their halls with boughs of holly and would like to share some tips with you, provided by Oregon State University:

Did you know that storing holly in the same area with ripening fruit can result in defoliation, due to the ethylene gas given off by the fruit?

Cut your boughs of holly when temperatures are above freezing and when wind and strong sunlight will not cause excessive drying. Holly should be moved into cool, moist storage as soon as possible after cutting.

When using treated holly in the home, give it the same care you would give a flower arrangement, i.e., supply water to the cut stems, keep out of drafts and other places that promote dryness, and keep in a cool room if possible.

For more information, read the whole article: Preserving Cut Holly


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