November 24, 2009

Cat Lady No. 323...Book Buddy

Library-cat-in-training Professor Purrlots is enjoying today's lesson from School Librarian Patricia. Today she is reading the story about a real-life cat named Dewey Readmore Books who was dropped into the book return of the Spencer Public Library in Iowa one fateful night.

Dewey took his new job as the library cat quite seriously and spent 19 years running the place. His "Basic Rules For Cats Who Have a Library to Run" is a must-read for any aspiring library cat.

The library cat's golden rule, according to Dewey, is: "Never forget, nor let humans forget, that you own the joint!

To find out more about Dewey and his illustrious career, visit this wesite: Dewey Readmore Books


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Amy Sisson said...

I just happened to read the new picture book about Dewey last night in Borders!