November 18, 2009

Cat Lady No. 317...In Training

Cat Lady Joni is a crazy-cat-lady-in-training-- she just adopted her very first cat, Precious, and is already both enchanted and enslaved by her new furry friend.

Joni has been carefully studying the comments in the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for November, and was particularly interested in Cat Lady Karen's CCL qualifications:

[editor's note: Karen forgot to mention a rather important one--she is author of The Cat's Meow, which is's official cats and kittens blog]
-I lie about how many cats I have and never inclu
de Garage Cat in the tally.
-I'm crazy.
-I'm rarely more than an arm's length from a purring ball of fur.
-I do not go to animal shelters because I would come home with another half dozen cats.

-I don't go on vacation because my Siamese suffers from severe separation anxiety.
-All of my cats (except the aforementioned Garage Cat) have their own blogs.
-I dress up my cats in cute outfits and photograph them.

-No kids. And I was a spinster for 46 years.
-I have conversations with my cats.

Joni is looking forward to shopping for an all-new winter wardrobe for Precious and helping her pick out a name for her new blog. Joni is not so crazy about the spinster idea, but if that's what it takes to find someone called "Mr. Tasty Face", it might be worth the wait...

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Strayer said...

You live in Oregon? Oregon has so many cat women. I am one of them.