September 30, 2009

Cat Lady No. 269...RagaMuffin Time

Cat Lady Sharon is crazy for RagaMuffin cats and they are crazy about her. Sharon happily shares her life with a furry herd of these bunny-soft and sweet as sugar felines.

Ike, Petunia, Angel and kitten Glory always enjoy a group snuggle and some special "purr time" with Sharon.

RagaMuffins are a relatively new breed and are floppy, lovable, teddy-bear cats. Angel loves to demonstrate these qualities with her classic "Angel Resist-Me-If-You-Can Reclining Pose" as illustrated!

To learn more about these lovable RagaMuffins (including pictures of available kittens, plus one special available adult), please visit Sharon's website:

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Mike Blake Studio said...

Are you seriuosly creating a picture for every day of the year? WOW! I can't imagine coming up with that many ideas (Alhough I do love cats! haha!)

Unknown said...

Well, almost, Mike...I had a backlog of a few already painted before the year started, with the goal of painting 5 a week. I'm not CRAZY, you know... haha

Hello! said...

This is great!! Love the overall happy feel :D