August 22, 2009

Cat Lady No. 231 & Feline Fella No. 232...Pet Parade

Cat Lady Emma from the United Kingdom did not have any pets growing up. So when she and James returned from their honeymoon and moved into their flat, Weedo the Hamster was a surprise wedding gift from her new hubby. "She was with us for a year and spent most of it finding different ways to escape."

More pets soon found their way into their hearts: "When we bought our house which has a garden, we got Billy the brown rabbit, followed by Joey who was a rescue rabbit. They were very fond of grooming each other. Billy is on his own now but seems very content in his old age."

It wasn't until just last year that Emma joined the ranks of Cat Ladies of the World. "We got the cats Elmo and Cleo (brother and sister) at six weeks old and they have been in charge ever since. They like to be involved in everything we do, whether gardening, cooking, craft, filing, bringing the shopping in etc.

"Elmo has taken it upon himself to be greeter for the street and throws himself onto his back for anyone walking past in the hope that they will rub his belly.

"Cleo is a little more shy but makes up for it by talking as much as I do. She will hide inside anything but always gives herself away by answering when we call her. We usually wake up to find them both stretched across our bed, taking up as much room as they possibly can.

"My husband and I can't have children so we particularly enjoy sharing our lives with our companions and they all seem very fond of us, particularly at mealtimes!"

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8GR8LOLCATS said...

You have a very fine family indeed! Cats & Rabbits & Hamsters are delightful family members! LOVE your CUSTOM portrait!

Amy Sisson said...

This is one of my new favorites of your portraits! I love the "mixed" family of creatures!