July 4, 2009

Cat Lady No. 183...A Royal Birthday Gala

Cat Ladies have the nicest sisters, who wish them a Happy Birthday in the nicest ways. One such sister is Felicia, who reports:

"This Fourth of July, Cat Lady Vanessa will be celebrating her 36th birthday basking in the glow of her adoring cats Tessa and Claudia. The girls are planning a brunch followed by a magnificent cake and presents.

"A regal, self-confident kitty, Tessa secretly believes the parade and fireworks are actually in her honor. Regrettably, the kitties won't be able to attend the fireworks display, as they are indoor cats and must stay home and wait impatiently for their queen's return.

"This is all fine and well for Claudia, who is upset by loud noises and will be quite content huddled in one of her secret hiding places."

Be sure to visit sister Felicia's wonderful Etsy shop: Catwalk Paperworks for fun and nostalgic collage art, gifts, and greeting cards!

BIRTHDAY Cat Lady Vanessa and a HAPPY HOLIDAY weekend to all!

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missbreezysbox said...

I put my vote in for you. I also Twitted the link and posted it on my Facebook wall. Good luck and Happy 4th July and Birthday Vanessa.

Unknown said...

Thanks MissBreezysBox! Happy 4th to you!