June 17, 2009

Cat Lady No. 166...The Chosen One

As Cat Lady Mary Beth and Gaby prepare for today's birthday festivities, Cat Lady Sister Paula takes a stroll down memory lane:

"My sister Mary Beth and her cat Gaby are two of a kind. ...How is such a perfect match made? By the cat, of course.

"Many years ago -- Gaby has forbidden me from saying just how many -- one of Mary Beth's coworkers , Joan, brought in a box of kittens. Joan invited all of her coworkers to come fawn over the kittens in the lobby. Ahhh, coworkers... they buy our kids' candy, sign up for our Pampered Chef parties, and adopt the kittens of our wayward teenage mother cats.

"Mary Beth and I grew up with cats, and she often entertained the thought of adopting one of her own. She was sure, though, that she didn't have the time to raise a young cat. As a dutiful coworker, she was willing to play with and cuddle the kitties, but soon returned to her desk without committing to taking one home.

"After a few minutes, Mary Beth was once again deeply focused on her work. Well, she tried to focus. A little ball of black and white cattitude had other plans. Mary Beth looked down to find one of the kittens playing with the the cuff of her pants... one of the kittens she had just put back in its box. Mary Beth's desk was 20 feet or so from the lobby where the kittens were on display. This little ball of fuzzy determination toddled down the hall passing by several other offices to find her future mom.

"Mary Beth realized that she had been chosen -- no small thing in the cat world. She couldn't deny that it was finally time to adopt a cat. I mean, the cat said so!

"Now Mary Beth and Gaby share a lovely house in rural Pennsylvania. They have their routines and special rites, like all cat families. Gaby often drives Mary Beth crazy, though I'm sure that was all part of her grand design, right from the start."

Happy Birthday Mary Beth!
Hope your day is just PURRfect!

A special thank you to Cat Lady Karen Nichols for the fun interview on her wonderful Catster blog:
The Cat's Meow

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