May 28, 2009

Cat Lady No. 145 and Cat Lad No. 146...Special Occasion

The family has assembled today for a special portrait to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Cat Lady Shannon and Pet Person John!

Feline Friends Django, Nina, and Jesse, and their canine sidekick Sophie want to wish the happy couple a wonderful celebration filled with beautiful memories.

One of those beautiful memories includes a story from Shannon:

"When I was 19 years old, I moved into my first apartment, and the person whose lease I was taking over left a tiny grey stripey cat behind. He decided that I belonged to him, and I named him Vinny. A year ago, after 13 wonderful years together, Vinny died of kidney failure.

"Losing Vinny was really sad, but my husband and I decided that life was for the living, and we wanted to adopt new little cat friends. A few weeks later, we found two kittens who were brother and sister at the local animal shelter (which is a kill facility), and even though I wasn't 100% ready, these little ones needed a home. What made this extra surprising was that the little male cat had the same grey spiral pattern as Vinny. We named them Django and Nina, and they have added so much joy to our lives."

Okay now everybody, it's time for your family portrait. Say cheese!

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