April 11, 2009

Cat Lady No. 100...A Whale of a Tail

Mermaid Cat Lady Merrilee and her Cat Fish Whiskers have never seen a blue whale, but hope to someday. Blue whales are an endangered species. Merilee looked them up in National Geographic:

"Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth.

"These magnificent marine mammals rule the oceans at up to 100 feet (30 meters) long and upwards of 200 tons (181 metric tons).

"Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant. Their hearts, as much as an automobile."

Right now Merilee and Whiskers are spotting a lot gray whales along the Pacific Coast. Peak numbers usually occur during the last week of March with a 2nd peak during the last week of April with about 6 whales an hour passing Oregon .

Check out the numbers for this spring here: Whale Watching Center

For a peek at a baby blue whale look here: Baby Blue Whale

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