March 23, 2009

Cat Lady No. 82...Idle Hands...

Cat Lady and Professional Baker Lilith and her fluffy assistant Ginger Snap are waiting for a large batch of snickerdoodles to cool.

Her Grandmother, an award-winning and passionate knitter, would always warn
over the click-clacking of the needles, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop". So Lilith's current moments of idleness are being put to good use as she searcges for contests and giveaways online.

One such giveaway is the

365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for March

Like Lilith, you may enter a drawing to win an original Susan Faye mini watercolor painting of a Cat Lady pictured below. Visit the link above for complete details.

The drawing for the winner will take place March 31.

In the mean time, Ginger Snap will happily play with a pencil he just knocked onto the floor, because we all know what kind of workshop an idle paw might create...

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