March 1, 2009

Cat Lady No. 60...Cat Dance Poetry

Cat Lady Mary and her Feline Friend L.G., aka Bubba, sent in a delightful entry to the 365 Cat Ladies contest for February. Although their names were not drawn for the Grand Prize, I am awarding them the runner-up Big Pat On The Back Award for their entry, presented in verse:

My cat's favorite dance is the Belly Dance and here is the story because who knows the why:

His whiskers are thinnish and measly,
His eyes over-glaze when one calls,
Though long, his tail is quite measly,

And he lacks all grace when he falls.

BUT, dear Kit has one virtue to flog-
While dancing a scandal (bold rascal!)
On his back all who see are agog!

He's a rotating feline theatrical!

With an audience even of one,
He stretches full length on the carpet,
Exposes his tum, flashes eyes full of fun,
And reveals a talent to trumpet!

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