March 2, 2009

Cat Lady (and Lad) No. 61...Digital Bits

Not only are Cat Lady Sarah and Feline Fella Bill the nicest Cat Purrsons around (as attested to by adoptees Jojo, Chloe, Hilton, Kirby, Lucy, Maddie, Nuki, and Winnie), they are also the talented team behind The Digital Bits.

The Digital Bits website is one of the leading online sources for DVD news, reviews and information, and is the longest-running DVD website currently on the Internet.

In addition to being founder and editor of The Digital Bits, Bill is also a regular contributor to Geek Monthly Magazine, and is the co-author of the book The Digital Bits: Insider's Guide to DVD.

Sarah creates and posts the weekly contests, coordinates advertising and promotions, and serves as site event photographer. She also created and maintains their Artist of the Month program. In her "spare time", Sarah has her own web design and pet photography businesses. Check out her websites where her eight furry friends play starring roles: SARAH HUNT PHOTOGRAPHY and OC PET PHOTOS

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