July 9, 2013

The Lavender Festival Cometh

Lavender. It's something to celebrate...
 I love using the color lavender.

I love growing lavender.

And I love the way lavender smells.  So does this little fellow, apparently...

Lucky for me (and maybe YOU too), the Yamhill Lavender Festival takes place this weekend, July 13 and 14 in the quaint village town of Yamhill, Oregon, in the midst of the wine country. I will be there both days selling lavender sachets, Snazzy Rat catnip toys, and jewelry.

The festival includes a plein air art show, live music, lots of arts and crafts, and plant vendors, all in the beautifully shaded Beulah Park.  

The Yamhill Lavender Festival is part of the larger Oregon Lavender Festival Tour, where you can visit lavender farms throughout the county, a real treat to see AND to smell (we're talking MEGA aromatherapy!). Hope to see you there!

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