July 27, 2013

More Snazzy Rat Testimonials

Cat Lady Amy of Oregon visited me at the Lavender Festival earlier this month and sent in these two photos: 
" 17-year-old Priscilla let the Snazzy Rat bring out her inner kitten and enjoyed clawing and biting it--please forgive the slightly blurry photo, she wouldn't stop rolling around!"

"Posey is the dilute tortie--she is 13 and was having a great time licking her Snazzy Rat and rolling all over it."

Nemo of Japan demonstrates that it is not necessary to become a demonic maniac under the influence of catnip. Sometimes it's satisfying (and much more civilized) to simply enjoy the exotic fragrance and the delicate taste of this fine herb. (Thanks, Cat Lady Mandy!) http://youtu.be/vMiiAQRRQss

From Cat Lady Cynthia S.: "My 16 year old cat thinks this is the best thing ever! I am buying more and hope they will be the secret to getting her through a too-hot-to-go-out summer... We don't care which two mice. We just want more! I think you may have saved the summer" 

From Cat Lady Jackie BW: "Oh, my gosh. The cats love the Snazzy Rats! Three of them piled on top of the envelope before I could open it. Those rats will definitely garner a lot of kitty attention."

From Cat Lady Jane W.: 
"My cats seriously love these snazzy rat toys. Thank heavens, I got four so they each got their own. Otherwise, there might have been trouble... they are that good. Thanks Susan..!!"

From Cat Lady Dawn M:  "The mice are a hit! They could hardly wait for me to open the envelope. The Aggie grabbed one and took off running. I didn't know dogs liked catnip! The cats are now in a stupor! Thanks!"

From Foster Cat Mom Katrina F: "My cats are going nuts over these, thank you thank you thank you for creating them! I'll definitely be ordering in the future as well, your shop has so many cute things. I don't know what brand of catnip you are using but keep it; it smells so fresh and strong (in a good way) and had immediate effect."

From Cat Lady Dolores C: "Snazzy Rats arrived yesterday. Paw-Tux-Et helped me open the envelope and started pulling out Rats. Three mice in play between 4 cats immediately. Big hit at our house. Thank you."

From Cat Lady Diane S: "Malcolm is currently in a rabbit punching frenzy with Peace Nip, and Zoe, who is 21 and not into much of anything, is lying with Cloud Nine on her heated bed and seems happy... I applaud you on the Snazzy Rats, they are pretty indestructible. My Malcolm has claws of steel and they are still in one piece (slobbered on but in one piece)..."

Thank you one and all for your feedback... it really makes my day! Need some Snazzy Rats of your own?  See the entire selection here in my Etsy Shop:  Snazzy Rat Catnip Toys

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lorraines resources and rewards said...

Frankie would love this toy. He always wonts to go for a walk when its not always possible maybe this will help.