April 14, 2013

Little Guy WhatsHisName... Snazzy Rat Endorsement #2

Market research is one of the important responsibilities of my studio assistants Buttonwillow and Inka. With that in mind, they recently sent Snazzy Rat prototypes to a few of their friends to get some valuable feedback.  Here is a consumer report from Little Guy on the "Flower Power"  Snazzy Rat model.  Formerly a California Cool Cat, Little Guy now resides in McMinnville, Oregon, with his human Cat Lady Mary. 

 Hi.  I'm the kind of cat that everyone has a "pet" name for.  My given name is Nickelodeon because of the beautiful silver "nickels" on my sides.  You can see one here:

But I also respond to the names Belly Boy, Bubba, Big Fella and Hey You.  My can opener lady calls me Little Guy.

Call me whatever you like, it's important to know that I've always been pretty indifferent to the various paltry catnip toys that have appeared in the manse over the years.  That is, until my friends Buttonwillow and Inka sent over a "Flower Power" Snazzy Rat.

I'm in love with this thing! You can't believe the aroma It's the kind of essence you want to rub behind your ears....

It's the kind of thing you want to hug and toss and roll on top of.

You can call me anything you want, but right now just call me Ecstatic.

You know you want one. Reserve one today by making a pledge at my Aunt Susan's Kickstarter Campaign, which is in full swing.  She's raising money to buy the materials to make lots more of these Snazzy Rats.  I hope there are lots more in my future.
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Georgia said...

Hi. I like your Snazzy Rats but I also wanted to tell you how gorgeous your tabby looks in the photos against the red carpet!