February 13, 2013

Inka, In Good Standing

We know nothing about the origins of our little foundling Inka, however we are fairly certain that she is part bunny rabbit.

She often sits on her haunches just like this when she needs to get a better view of something.

Of course, sometimes, even the bunny thing doesn't provide adequate elevation to see what one needs to see...

...in which case one simply resorts to the humanoid bi-ped thing:

We just LOVE this little creature from another planet; don't you?

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Brigitte said...

Our cat, Lola, did exactely the same thing when she spots one of the other cats outside. At this moment however, she is not that happy. You can read more about her problems at
all labels "happy cat" concern cat itmes

It would make me and Lola rather happy if you could become a member
.Until now I's kind of pathetic, with only 12 of them.

Marilia said...

Just like lemur!!!!!!

Annuk said...

Your little "bunny" is just simply adorable!!!!!!

Erika said...

She is adorably funny!! lol

Unknown said...

Inka could also be posing as a Kangaroo!!!! A real sweetie like Buttonwillow!

jhitomi said...

Perhaps Inka is part Meerkat?

P.S. cute title "in good standing!"

Vitgo said...

I LOVE when cats get up on their back legs. Super photos! A neighbor's cat used to visit me and would always stand like a rabbit to be patted - scrumptious!