August 19, 2012

Black and White and Loved All Over

Did you know that Friday was Black Cat Appreciation Day? Lucky for our household, we had one show up on our patio two weeks ago, so we were able to participate with great appreciation.

Much to Buttonwillow's surprise, however, no one has come forward to claim our little foundling.  So The-World's-Cutest-Black-Kitten-Known-To-Man-Woman-Or-Patio has now been dubbed with an official name, which I'm pretty sure means she is officially ours. Her new name is Inka.  

This means that everyday around here will be Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Not to mention Bicolor Cat Appreciation Day.

What color of Cat Appreciation Day is it today in your household?
If it's White Cat Appreciation Day, you might enjoy the newest addition to my "I Heart Cats" designs.

  I've added white cat glass pendants (they can be personalized with a pet's name on the back, and dangle glass earrings with sterling silver earwires.

 You'll find them, plus many more colorful cats, in my Etsy Shop...

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nancy said...

I really enjoy your bog. Thank you so much!

Marilia said...

Have a really nice week!!!

Chrissykat said...

Our house is Calico appreciation day every day. But at one time is was, calico, gray, tabby & black.