April 1, 2012

Feeder Report, or, What I Did on Art Lady's Vacation

hello everybody. buttonwillow cat here. 

art lady is sleeping in this morning, so i am going to write today's blog and tell you what is going on around here.  art lady abandoned me 12 days ago  for something called a 'vacation' but first she let this other cat into the house.  WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?

i don't know who this is, but all she  wants to do is eat what little food i have and sleep in my chair.. i am not pleased.

then art lady left.  we were abandoned. except that aunt mary came once a day to dole out rations. the rest of the time we had to fend for ourselves.  so i cooked up a plan.  with the other cat's help, we mixed up some super-duper bird bait and filled the bird-bait boxes outside. (art lady calls them "bird feeders"; when it's obvious that they were designed to be cat feeders, if you get my drift).  then we waited, licking our chops.

first, one bird showed up.

then he invited some of his closest friends.

then they invited their closest friends.

that other cat and i couldn't believe our good fortune.  
our bird bait was a big success.
then more birds arrived.

pretty soon every tree was filled with squawking birds. 
 it was so loud that it hurt our tender pink ears.


i said, "hey, somebody call alfred hitchcock.  this is getting ridiculous".

at some point the bird bait ran out and we noticed that the birds were still looking mighty hungry. 

it was about that time that the other cat and i decided to call the audubon society and see if there were ever any reports of small cats being carried off by large flocks of angry black birds.

it was just then that the birds started swooping down and.....wait, what's that i hear? must be art lady coming down the hall and she looks a little cranky. guess i'd better wrap this up fast and wish you all a


love and fishes, 


Marilia said...

Hi friends!!!!
HAve a great Sunday!

jhitomi said...

Very dramatic photos. Good thing art lady showed you how to use the camera, Buttonwillow. Glad you all survived the "vacation" all right!

Anonymous said...

so clever and comical!