April 27, 2012

Collecting Cats... Feline Fabric Finds

As you probably know, I enjoy collecting vintage cat and dog treasures. So much so that I have accumulated an embarrassment of riches and must thin out the collection. Cat and dog textiles are a fun thing to collect, such as these embroidered fingertip towels and a linen hand towel from days gone by. These little cuties are keepers: 

Another fun textile treasure is this vintage "Mola" fabric panel  from the Kuna Indians of Panama. Molas are made as a decorative panel for the traditional blouses of the Kuna women. This colorful and whimsical tabby cat was made using multiple layers of fabrics in an intricate reverse applique technique, all hand-stitched.  It is in a handcrafted wooden frame. 

It's your lucky day! I am parting with this little beauty. It for sale in an auction on Ebay which ends tomorrow evening, Saturday the 28th. For more information, click here: Cat Mola on Ebay

You can learn more about Kuna molas here: About Molas


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