March 13, 2012

The Results Are In!

My Studio Assistant Buttonwillow and I have been up all night tallying the results of our marketing survey and would like to thank all of our friends here, on Facebook, and at The Hive for your valuable input on my new line of cat lover pendants.

Overall, Robin Egg Blue was the favorite with 30 votes, but Sweet Violet was right behind with 27. Apple Green was also popular with 19 votes, but Rose Pink only got 10 thumbs up.

As for which cat color/breed/markings to create next, calico had the most votes, with tuxedo being the next most popular. After that came variations on an orange/red/yellow tabby, a black cat, a tortoiseshell, gray/Russian blue, and a white cat.

Also mentioned were the always popular Maine Coon variations, Siamese, and Himalayan. There were also some very specific and some exotic suggestions: Bengal, Ragdoll, mackerel tabby, Scottish Fold, dilute calico, Havana Brown and an odd-eyed cat (one blue eye, one green eye).

Because there were so many respondents, I've decided to give away TWO of my prototype pendants pictured here, and TWO names were drawn at random: Nora Johnston, who commented on my Facebook page and JHitomi, who commented here on this blog. Winners- please contact me with your color choice and mailing information, and congratulations!

JHitomi also had a great suggestion: ..."another idea would be Black background, and maybe a round or heart shape for the pendant. Maybe because I've been coveting cameos and it would be a mock cat-cameo". Another great suggestion made by Laurie F. was to make stitch markers for knitters with my tiny tiles. I love hearing your ideas and feedback-- it helps keep my creative wheels turning. Thank you to EVERYONE who responded to my survey!

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Karren Haller said...

I love your art it is so cherry and bright, I have a Mancoon cat, it will be interesting to see that in your art! Thanks for your creativity!
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