December 31, 2011

Have a Blessed New Year, Thank You, and HELP!

Here is one reason you have not heard much from me lately:

My studio assistant Buttonwillow and I would like to thank all of our beautiful customers and patrons for keeping us so busy over the past few months. Not to mention, keeping the Willamina post office very busy too! I love sending my little goodies off to exotic and faraway places like Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Mexico. and Portugal.

I love what I do, and it would not be possible without your support, encouragement, and friendship!

Buttonwillow continues to help in whatever way possible.
What IS her fascination with scissors!?!

Here is another reason you haven't heard much from me lately:

Susan Faye World Headquarters is moving!

Here is the story: It seems that my sweetie Dave and I had a Golden Opportunity this past autumn to buy this lovely 3 bedroom home in McMinnville, Oregon, for a song. (Okay, we had to fork over some dough too, but not very much.) Our intent was to buy it as a rental property. But the more we hung out there, the more we couldn't resist its irresistible charms such as big windows, a fireplace, and the fact that it puts us 30 minutes closer to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland.

We decided it would be crazy not to move in, and rent out my Willamina cottage instead, keeping Dave's acreage in the Coastal Hills for recreational purposes. So for the past few months we have been refurbishing the 20-year-old home (before and after pictures will be shared in the weeks to come), have moved in our personal belongings, hosted Christmas dinner there, and now it is time to move my art supplies, craft accoutrements, shipping supplies, sewing set-up, office furniture and business belongings.

Which brings me to the HELP! portion of this blog post.

Boy do I have a lot of STUFF! I'm not going to show you pictures of all of my STUFF, for fear of winding up on an episode of "Hoarders". But suffice it to say, it is time to liquidate a lot of my STUFF, because I simply don't want to move it or try to make room for all this STUFF at the new place.

So Phase One of my STUFF liquidation is my Out-With-The-Old-To-Make-Room-For-The-New Sale in my Etsy shop. I am retiring most of my 2011 designs, and prices have been slashed 25-50% with the help of my studio assistant and her razor-sharp claws. You'll find bargain prices on pendants, earrings, sachets, bookmarks, and more at this link: Susan Faye on Etsy

Your assistance in making these items disappear will be greatly appreciat
ed. There are lots of "little somethings" that you might tuck away for Valentines Day or Easter gifts. Down the road, I hope to start listing craft supplies, and vintage items too.

Thanks again for all of your love and support during 2011, and here's wishing a fruitful, serene and beautiful 2012 for each and every one of you.

And thank you for not turning me in to "Hoarders". I'd be so embarrassed.


Unknown said...

Wow, have you been busy! Congratulations on that and your new home. Have a wonderful New Year in your new digs.

IrelandBrady said...

Your new home sounds wonderful! I'm very happy for you! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new home! It looks lovely. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Good luck with the studio moving! We'll spread the word. We have to help each other. That hoarding menace is hiding around all our crafting corners!

A very happy new year to you all!

Marilia said...

Buttonwillow is so gourgeous!!!
Happy 2012!!!!!