November 13, 2011

More Secret Identities Revealed!

Does your pet have a secret identity?

Hop on on over to the Secret Identity Giveaway post and share your pet's alter-ego secrets for a chance to win a
$30.00 gift certificate to my Etsy Shop. The two runners up will each receive their choice of one of my new calendars, either Cat Lovers or Nature Lovers (a $14.00 value). Giveaway ends TONIGHT, November 13. At 8 p.m.

But first, check out some of the entries:

Sock Monster
Amy said... Our Pixel pretends to be Helpful NASA Kitty during the day (, but at night he becomes the Sock Monster! ( It took us over a year to figure out which cat was behind the mysteriously transported socks!

Game Referee
Linda B said... Have 3 cats and they all have jobs, so the last is Fritz, our black cat, the playbaby. His job is to find bottlecaps, milk bottle rings and use the "force" to get me and my husband to play catch. He catches them in mid air and brings it to the other person, so all 3 of us can play.

Yoga Instructor
bcbeaveratheart said... My dog Brooklyn is a "Yoga" instructor in her spare time, she is able to preform all kinds of contorted positions, she does the best downward dog yoga position lol.
Cartoon Mooch and Horror Movie Character
Kimberly W said... I have 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers. "LeeLoo" my 10 year olds secret identity is Wimpy from Popeye, she is always looking for a free meal. And sweet Dollar Bill recently had surgery and has so many staples and stitches we can't help believe she is secretly Frankenstein or as we are calling her "FrankenBill".
Abominal Snow Pet
mystkblu said... I posted a picture on your Facebook wall of my fairly feral 3 pound monster Zoey. In this shot she's covered in snowballs that accumulated in her very fine, very long fur. She rarely comes in the house (we've had her for 7 years and barely see her). However, this particular storm proved too much and she came in with snowballs stuck all over her! Normally she just weathers the storms outside, but I guess the snowballs were enough to drive her inside and have Mom pull them off! [you can see the photo here]

Thank you for participating!!

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Mary Pat Alexander said...

Our cat, Lil Girl is always keeping up with the latest news from all of our neighborhood pets as well as our family pets. In the photo you see her conversing with Peanut, my daughter's cat by way of internet conferencing. If she's not at the PC, she's on the window sill, ready to run out to exchange notes with anyone who may visit her yard. We think her secret life is that of a Gossip Columnist. >^..^<