November 28, 2011

An Apple for the Teacher and Cat Haiku Revisited

My original ACEO watercolor painting of "Teacher's Pet No. 5" was first featured on 365 Cat Ladies and Friends on August 25, 2009.

This Cat Lady introduced us to some examples of Cat Haiku poetry that were written by our readers. Here they are again for your literary pleasure:

From Crazy Cat Lady Carm describing Pride:

oh brilliant orange cat
little prince of the sunset
feline spirit guide

From Cat Lady Tammy:

My big green eyes gaze
At my crazy cat lady
With undying love

From Cat Lady Lyz:

Julius, Marley;
Leave their paw prints on my heart;
Hair everywhere else

From Cat Lady Sarah:

One more cat makes nine
When does the line stop shifting?
The love is endless

Own a piece of 365 Cat Ladies History! Teacher's Pet No. 5 is now available in my Etsy shop. This mini watercolor painting is in ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) format, which means that the artwork size is 2.5" x 3.5", the same as a baseball card. It is hand-painted on super-heavy Arches 300-lb. acid-free cold-press watercolor paper with professional quality watercolor paints. Click here for more details.

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