October 31, 2011

Buttonwillow's Secret Identity....REVEALED!

Happy Halloween from Susan Faye World Headquarters!

You may have already noticed that my studio assistant Buttonwillow has her own built-in Halloween costume that she enjoys wearing year-round-- a velvety black mask and cape, just like those of her hero, Zorro. This gives us one clue to her secret identity, which will be revealed for the very first time to all on this scariest day of the year.

Another clue is her tail. Upon a
casual inspection, you will notice that it looks oddly like an exploding paintbrush-- quite appropriate for an art studio assistant. But upon closer scrutiny, you will discover that the very end of her tail forms the shape of a "Z". It really does! She was born with a fancy kink in the end of her tail with two sharp bends that actually form a Z. This makes her tail shorter than average and creates that distinctive "pouf" at the end. It is reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote's tail just after the TNT explodes, don't you think?

The last clue is her panther-like razor-sharp claws that strike fear in the hearts of table legs, catnip toys and house plants everywhere.

By now you have probably put together the clues to guess her secret identity. Yes, in the dark of night, when you least expect it, Buttonwillow becomes her legendary alter-ego:

Zee Midnight Slasher.

Beware the mark of Zee Midnight Slasher. Should you find an artfully slashed "Z" in your sofa, your wooden wall paneling, or your leg, then you know she has been afoot, avenging the plight of small fluffy bicolor kitties everywhere, whose owners ignore their plaintive pleas for more tasty cat treats from the pantry.

You have been warned. Muah-ha-ha...

Happy Halloween!


Plushpussycat said...

Super-cute! :-)

Annuk said...

Happy Halloween Susan and Buttonwillow!!!!!
Anna & Zoe

Marilia said...

Happy Halloween!!!
I love the big mouth!!!