August 23, 2011

Secret Garden Must-Haves Are Revealed!

What Are The Five Must-Haves
For Your Own Secret Garden?

Pine Ridge Treas
ures said...My five secret garden must-haves are: a gentle breeze, colorful birds, pretty pansies, a comfy wicker chair, and a wise owl.

Cat Mom said...My secret garden would have a big old oak tree with a swing hanging from one of the branches. There would be a faerie garden with a little brown toad keeping watch over the wildflowers and giant sunflowers under which a garden of pumpkins would be growing. A tiny saw whet owl would would make her home in the big oak and a family of feral cats would feel safe enough in the garden to call it home.

Artistic Diva said... My secret garden would include a wild rose arbor, a water fall, a shade tree filled with birdsong, a lovely garden swing, and two or three beautiful black cats. That would be heaven.

Join in and dream a little...What are the five must-haves in your own secret garden?

Visit the Secret Garden Giveaway and share your recipe for a perfect secret garden and you will be entered for a chance to win one of three prizes. Three names will be drawn at random to receive their choice of a brand new Secret Garden print or pendant (includes chain) from my Etsy shop ($16-18 value, plus includes shipping to anywhere worldwide).

Thanks for participating!!

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