June 25, 2011

Buttonwillow Tweets

It was inevitable.

Buttonwillow now has her very own Twitter account.

As for me, I have resisted jumping on the Twitter bandwagon due to time constraints. During this time, BeeDub has been begging for her own blog and pleading for her own Facebook page, pointing out that her idol Skeezix has both, (not to mention his own online magazine called Mousebreath). I held firm and said no. When she heard that there was something called "Twitter" she said:

Oh brother.

Here she is, longingly watching "things that tweet" on a winter's day last year..

How could I say no? If you are a twitterer, tweeter, or a "thing that tweets," would you please humor the fluffball and follow her? Just click on any of the buttons below that she insisted should go into this post:

Follow ButtonwillowCat on Twitter

Follow ButtonwillowCat on Twitter


1 comment:

What's up Duck? said...

Sure I'll add her.
Just know, there's not so many birdies as all those pictures suggest and there's actual dogs to look out for there as well. I hate dogs. They're always trying to eat my tail.
And there's loads of other cats too!