May 8, 2011

Did You Forget Any Mothers Today?

The brunches are winding down, cards have been opened and bouquets are beautifully arranged in their vases. Thousands of Moms throughout the land have been honored, delighted and made misty-eyed. But did you forget someone?

I'm talking about Mother Nature-- you know, that other mom that we owe our life to. The one that provides us with nutritious food and clean water, air to breathe, and beauty to enjoy-- not to mention the ingredients to make CHOCOLATE! Here are just a few ways to enjoy your time with Mom Earth on this Mother's Day:

1. Enjoy a special slide show of animal moms and their babies, courtesy of the Nature Conservancy: Mom and Baby Smile for the Camera

2. Watch in real time as an eagle mom (and dad) on Santa Cruz Island in California care for their eaglet chick, born just a few weeks ago: Eagle Cam

Sometimes the camera is down, so keep trying. Here is one of the highlights for you to enjoy:

3. Adopt a coral reef in honor of Mom. You probably know that coral reefs are a very important part of our oceans' ecosystems. But did you know that medicines made from coral reefs help treat leukemia, lymphoma and other types of cancers? It's not too late to honor Mother Nature AND Mom with a gift that could help keep both of them healthy: Adopt a Coral Reef



Shelley Whiting said...

Your art is very whimsical and fun. I love the bright colors and cute animals.

Francesca Mei said...

Hello, my blog is a prize for you.Kisses Frà.