April 24, 2011

Post Easter Dinner Tips From Buttonwillow

So you say you ate one too many twice-baked potatoes and sneaked an extra helping of carrot cake, and you thought you could squeeze in just one more Peeps chick and suddenly the entire box was empty? Buttonwillow has found the solution to your dilemma and is ready to help out with a few tips:

Finding the right easy chair is of paramount importance. Tip: try to look so incredibly peaceful and comfy that no human would dare have the heart to oust you.

Stretch out as far as you can so that all of the jelly beans can redistribute and fill in any unused spaces in there. Tip: an extra wiggle or two will speed up the process.

You may have to resort to the head-over-the-edge maneuver to really redistribute everything. With luck, it may stimulate a productive belch or two. Tip: Do not engage in the maneuver for more than 60 seconds or you may lose consciousness.

There, did you hear it? The perfect post-Easter dinner belch? No? Well it rattled the windows here.

Tip: Relax and enjoy the rest of your day. Love, Buttonwillow


Victor Tabbycat said...

Cats define relaxation! Thanks for the tips!

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Looks like Buttonwillow had a marvelous Easter. I will pass these tips on to my two cats. Thank you.

Laura (TLN) said...

That is hilarious! Love it - thanks Buttonwillow. :)

Unknown said...

...She's always happy to help out, especially when it involves an easy chair. :-)

teaberry said...

Buttonwillow makes it all look easy! Thanks for a delightful post!