April 8, 2011

Picnic For The Planet on Earth Day!

As Earth Day approaches, and snow and ice turn to daffodils and songbirds (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), what better way to celebrate than with a picnic! Mario Tabby and Bella Cat like nothing better to nibble on tuna al fresco in their favorite sunny spot in the patio garden. Food tastes so much better when mixed with clean air and sunbeams.

The Nature Conservancy is hosting a special event called Picnic For The Planet on Earth Day 2011, and in preparation, they have a new suggestion each week for becoming more aware about the food that you eat. This week's suggestion is Eat Sustainably, with an emphasis on knowing more about your seafood.

"For centuries, the oceans' bounty seemed inexhaustible. But humans have altered our oceans' ability to provide for us, so we must make more conscious food choices and ensure that the seafood we are eating comes from a sustainable source." You can help by learning more about sustainable seafood; this article is a good place to start: Finding Nemo On Your Plate.

Also helpful: The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch provides regional guides that contain the latest information on sustainable seafood choices available in different regions of the U.S.A. Their "Best Choices" are abundant, well-managed seafood that is fished or farmed in environmentally friendly ways. Seafood to "Avoid" are overfished and/or fished or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment. You can view the guides online or download a pocket-size version.

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21 Wits said...

Oh these are quite darling...and the colors are really inviting...I love the shades of blue and purple and pink ...as my favorites! Nice touch !!!

Effie said...

Love your images..... ever thought of selling them as digital stamps?

Unknown said...

Hi Effie-- I don't know enough about the digital stamp market yet-- I worry about copyright infringement, and for now, want to keep my images for my use only. But I certainly want to research it and see if it might work for me down the road...Thanks for the suggestion!

peggy gatto said...

What a clever idea!
Fresh and delightful!!

gatheringwonder said...

great to have you back in the whimsicalness!