February 17, 2011

Furry Friends and Feathered Friends: the Face-Off

Garden Keeper Ana Marie has the bird feeders filled and binoculars dusted off, but she's not quite ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count, which starts tomorrow.
It seems she is also a Cat Lady and has some furry friends who yearn to interact with her feathered friends.

Meet Mario, aspiring jungle beast, who likes to lurk in the potted plant foliage and carefully study any winged wonders that might flutter by...

A beautiful bluebird has caught his eye today; ooooo, just look at that striking red chest! Mario doesn't know what has come over him but he feels compelled to crouch, and his stripey behind wiggles ever-so slightly in excitement...

But Ana Marie is ready. Armed with her garden hose, a gentle shower is directed at Mario's head. In shock and disbelief, he quickly retreats to a sunny spot on the porch to admire the bluebird from afar while meticulously licking that nasty wet stuff from of his beautiful stripes .

Here are some more things that Ana Marie will do to keep her garden birds and her garden cats safely apart:

-Keep cats indoors as much as possible, especially during times when bird activity is high--especially in the mornings and late afternoons when they feed.

-Put collars with jingle bells on the cats.

-Keep bird feeders high (higher than a cat could jump) and buy feeders that prevent spillage on the ground. Do not place feeders near bushes or other hiding places where predators might lurk.

The My Pet Health Guide has more details on how cat-proof your bird feeders at this link: Stop Stalking at the Bird Feeder

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