February 6, 2011

Button Button, Who's Got The Button?

Are you old enough to remember that old game from kindergarten? It's from the Dark Ages (you know, sometime before the 1960s), long before the term "choking hazard" came into being (a friend and I were just reminiscing about how notes were pinned to our shirts with straight pins in kindergarten, and we somehow made it all the way home without impaling ourselves or swallowing the pin)...

Wikipedia describes it thusly:

The children all stand (or sit) in a circle with their hands out, palms together. One child, called the leader or 'it', takes a button (usually provided by an adult) and goes around the circle, putting their hands in everybody else's hands one by one. In one person's hands they drop the button, though continue to put their hands in the others' so that no one knows where the button is except for the giver and receiver.

The leader starts the other children guessing by saying, "Button, button, who's got the button?" before each child's guess. The child guessing replies with their choice, e.g. "Billy has the button!"...Once the child with the button is finally guessed, that child is the one to distribute the button and start a new round.

Meanwhile, I've had a different kind of button on the brain. Earlier in the week, Mother Nature bestowed a nose-sniffle virus upon me (her little way of saying I need some time to relax), so I spent a lovely afternoon perusing dozens of the fascinating and beautiful blogs participating in the One World, One Heart blog hop. I became increasingly aware of the many cute sidebar buttons that many blogs feature, and I began to feel inadequate. That's right: in addition to suffering from a head cold, I had developed the dreaded blog button envy.

Now, as someone who grew up in an era where the family had one black and white TV and you had to get up out of the chair and turn a dial in order to change the 8 channels, I inevitably struggle with any new technology/internet/code/formatting task that might arise as I strive to embrace the miracles of computers and the internet.

But thanks to several different tutorials, and a feverish mind, I am thrilled beyond thrilled (you might say that my buttons are bursting, yukkity yuk) to present my brand new blog button, now showing in my sidebar!! It took MULTIPLE tries and an infusion of chocolate at some point, but here it is:

Ta-da! It's simply a miracle. I have no other way to explain it. When you click on the button, it will always lead readers to 365 Cat Ladies and Friends, as if by magic. If you are indeed proud to be a Cat Lady and enjoy this blog, and would like to add this button to your own blog's sidebar, you will need to copy the html code that is in the box, then paste it into an html widget in your blog's sidebar (On Blogger, you go to Design/Add a Gadget and pick HTML/JavaScript, where you will paste the code). I would be thrilled and honored if you choose to do so!

If you'd like to make your very own blog button, here is the tutorial that I found the most helpful if you use Blogger, as I do: Make Your Own Button
. There are many other tutorials available; just Google "blog button"...

Remember, learning something new, particularly something that seems complicated, is a way to stimulate brain cells and delay the onset of senility. At least that is my fervent hope!

Thanks for visiting!
If you already have your own blog sidebar button to show off, please leave your link here in the comments!


KittyAnn said...
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KittyAnn said...

Bravo! Bravo! As a new follower of your blog (can't believe I didn't know of it before since I AM a bonafide crazy cat lady >^..^< ) I salute you in creating a blog button! I have 'liked' you on Facebook too! Best, Ani (who needs to update her own blogs!)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I love your new button an am so happy you found an easy way to do it. Learn new things is always such fun.

I remember Button Button, notes with straight pins, playing Mumblypeg, and riding my bike with a friend for hours. Rule was you had to be home by dinner. Of course that was in the days of the Dinosaurs when I was young.

Hope you feel better, stay warm and eat your Chicken Soup.

Carol said...

Greetings from another "I want a button for my blog" person. Yours looks fabulous. Congratulations.

Jan Robins said...

I have your black & white cat earrings and it is a portrait of my bbboy. However, I already lost one earring (which I replaced). The back should have had a stopper on it, so the earring would not fall off so easily. Thought you might appreciate the suggestion. Also it is very difficult to get in touch with you to make a comment via e-mail.