January 27, 2011

Studio Assistant Spotlight: Gilbert and Benny

My studio assistant Buttonwillow (pictured, right) takes her job very seriously and always enjoys hearing about studio assistants who are equally devoted. She was delighted to discover Gilbert, a fellow fluffy bi-color cat who is a no-nonsense assistant to Artist and Photographer Catherine Panebianco.

Gilbert, who an un-named source described as "constantly irritated" (Gilbert prefers to think of it as "fiercely businesslike"), shares the studio with Benny, a handsome and very laid-back Labrador retriever who occasionally enjoys modeling for the camera.

Recently, Catherine commissioned one of my custom portraits as a Christmas surprise for husband George:

"Both my husband and I think it's hysterical that Gilbert is in George's arms, because really the cat has a massive love/hate relationship with my husband." She laughs that the portrait is "probably the only time George will be seen actually 'holding' Gilbert."

"Benny is the laziest (but incredibly lovable) lab. He's 10 now but has really always been an old soul. Both George and I are huge supporters of our local Humane Society I take photos of the dogs for their website ...we've always been involved either volunteering or on the board."

Catherine specializes in playful, contemporary images of cats, dogs, and any other beautiful thing that tickles her fancy.

She says, "I think photography should be fun and expressive. Take photos of what you love. Whether it's a pet that makes you laugh, a flower whose color makes you happy or a person that catches your fancy, express yourself like I do through photography."

Click here to enjoy Catherine's beautiful portfolio of images: Panebianco Photography. You can find out more about Catherine and see more beautiful pet images on her blog.

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dog-in-glasses photo copyright C Panebianco all rights reserved

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