January 3, 2011

Gifts and Blessings...What Would YOUR Pendant Say?

It's so much fun to collaborate on a special Christmas surprise for someone. When Carol wrote and asked me to paint a portrait of her daughter Tiffiny and canine cutie Ralph, she asked if I could include a small hand-crafted metal pendant in the painting.

Last week Tiffiny wrote a lovely note telling me how much she enjoyed her special Christmas surprise. And--it turns out that the pendant in the portrait was a special Christmas surprise from two years ago!

Carol had commissioned the pendant from a fellow Etsy artist and had it personalized to say:

frequent flier miles,
road trips...
I'm so blessed"

and Tiffiny says "that's a good sum up of how I feel." And special friend Ralph? "I got him out in front of a Ralphs grocery store, where a kid was giving away puppies...he was about 3 months old. Ralph is now 12-13 years old. He's really such a smart, friendly, well behaved dog. He really enjoys being a cooperative part of the 'pack'. One of his very long-time best friends is a calico cat named Catty Colors. The one thing about Ralph that is very unique is the way he wags his tail in a big circle..not back and forth. I really need to get it on video."

Question: if YOU had to fit 5 blessings onto a tiny pendant, what would they be? Let us know in the Comments section of this post and I will share some of them in future posts.

Thanks for visiting!

Carol and Tiffiny are both Power Sellers on ebay and sell trims, appliques and embellishments for sewing/crafting and some antiques too. Be sure to check out their treasures at these links: Junklady1
and SugarSpunSis


Unknown said...

...let's see, my five would probably be: loved ones, a warm house, great art supplies, mother nature's beauty, and chocolate. (I love the term "loved ones" because it is all-inclusive--family, friends, AND pets!)

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

ha, mine would say "MEOW!" if it was a cat pendant.

Christopher Miller said...

Gosh...only 5...I better make them count. I'd have to go with Family, Friends, Health, Wide open spaces, and exciting destinations.