December 18, 2010

More Cat Telepathy

It seems that Buttonwillow is not the only cat who has to resort to telepathy when needing to get an important message across to those who do not understand the meaning of meow. Based on the responses so far in the Holiday Giveaway, most telepathic messages have to do with gastronomy or unwelcome guests:

Junior and Orion said,"Well, we tell our Meowm all the time to 'FEED US NOW!' She doesn't listen too well."

In Cat Lady Cyndi's world the message is: "When are you getting rid of that dog?!?!?"

Cat Lady Amy of Amy's Stocking Stuffers tells a story of a message coming through LOUD and CLEAR: "I'm pretty sure that when I trapped another stray a few months ago and had her overnight in the laundry room... I was bombarded by telepathic messages from at least 3 of my current 7 saying 'Don't you DARE bring another cat in here!' In fact, so strongly did I feel that they wanted the new intruder (eventually named Freddie by her new person) far, far away, that I flew Freddie from TX to NY, using Feline Fella Paul's frequent flyer miles to do so. (For the record, I do not recommend flying with a cat unless absolutely necessary. We did not enjoy ourselves on the flight. My fellow passengers did not seem to appreciate the yowling either. And that was AFTER giving Freddie a sedative!)"

Buttonwillow is informing me that she has a telepathic message for YOU.

She is saying "Resistance is futile. You are now a captive of my endless charms and will go to this blog post: CAT TELEPATHY (And a Holiday Giveaway) and you will tell me in the comments section what YOUR cat is telling you telepathically. Your reward will be a chance to win one of FIVE prizes in a giveaway that ends tomorrow night. Thank you and good luck. Oh, and while I have you under my spell, send tuna treats. Pronto."

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Cornerstoregoddess said...

Rhino is telepathically telling me she left a special something in my box of crystals. Oh, look! It's a dead mouse! And it's so sparly!

Alison CCL # 333 said...

"We have been good girrrrrls and have stayed out of the xmas tree like we were told - someone better tell Santa. We would like some prezzies!" Kee & Fi!

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

Enza always tells me that she is starving and must have kibbles. She will do that after eating a 5 course meal.

SHe tells our house guests that we never feed her. She does not play fair.

Brooksart said...

y fur babies, Maggie and Banjo, are telepathically telling me that they would like a "cat tree" for Christmas. They've only been with me for two weeks, since I adopted them from the shelter, but I spent 6 Saturdays visiting them and establishing an awesome bond before bringing them home, so I'm sure they just KNOW that I know what they are thinking.

Unknown said...

My special messages are about food. I say nothing because I use mind control. It works especially well when she is sleeping. I just sit and stare at her mind and think feed me now. This can happen at any time I find her sleeping. Your friend, Fisher

Toyin O. said...

Very informative, thanks for sharing:)