November 19, 2010

Weather Report

What is the forecast in your corner of the world today? In the Pacific Northwest, Mount Hood and its fellow Cascade Range peaks are resplendent in a fresh coating of shiny snowflakes!

To celebrate, I've added 6 matted prints to my online Etsy shop featuring some lucky Cat Ladies enjoying a winter wonderland with their feline friends.

Remember, as freezing temperatures approach here in the Northern Hemisphere, outdoor cats need some special attention such as providing a warm place to sleep, and making sure that non-frozen drinking water is available. Here are more great tips from The Conscious Cat: Winter Health Tips For Your Pets

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BRRRR...Is it getting chilly around here? These high quality reproductions of my whimsical watercolor paintings are the PURRfect gift for your favorite Snow Bunny or Feline Fanatic.

The image is 4.5" x 6.5" and comes in an acid-free 11" x 14" white on black double matting, ready for framing in a standard size frame. $12.50 each plus shipping.

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Abi said...

Ooh, I'd love snow... not much chance here though down in Oklahoma :O)

Catherine said...

Predictions of snow for the next few days here ~ and we have plenty already! Oh well.

I will put out some extra food for the stray kitties this weekend. They are always welcome to sleep under my deck, away from the wind! :)

xo Catherine

Hannalei said...

Reedsport, Oregon here. Cold toes at my desk, approx 38 degrees out with a bit of rain now and then it seems.

I have created a little snuggling box for my outdoor kitty friends. Hopefully they will make use of it. :)