November 16, 2010

Equal Time for Felines

Ted the Cat wants equal time.

It seems that Cat Lady Stacey has devoted much of the past few years developing a great website and weekly e-newsletter called the Woof Report. Recently re-vamped, a new and improved version has just been unveiled: THE WOOF REPORT

At the website you will find lots of great information about canines including more than 350 tips on dog care and training, an adoption directory, helpful links, a forum and a picture gallery, plus a link to sign up for the weekly newsletter. Ted and Larry the Dog (the handsome woofer pictured to the right), take great pride in their roles as office consultants.

And happily, Ted's demands for equal time have not gone unheeded. Look for "The Meow Report" early next year with the same great features, but geared toward your favorite feline (and featuring artwork from someone you might recognize!). Sign up here to receive an email to notify you when it is launched: Meow Report Notification

Thanks for visiting!

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