July 28, 2010

Scotty's Big Rescue... Part 2

Last week Paddy the Library cat told us about the teamwork it took for his rescued friend Scotty to arrive at his new forever home. Today Paddy tells us a little more about his new friend:

There are so many good people taking care of us cats--and dogs too! I hope they know how grateful we are. I was rescued too. I know.

Anyway, Scotty has turned out to be quite the boy. He is very big and, at first, he was a little too wild for us.

He even scared the dogs into a corner whenever he had the chance.

But our youngest cat, Skookumchuck [Skookie] didn't know enough to be afraid of him. Skookie insisted on jumping at Scotty and running circles around him. This helped Scotty to learn more quickly how to adjust. Now Scotty is getting used to being a house cat, thanks to Skookie!

Scottie and Skookie

Scotty goes outside once in awhile, under close watch, but he is learning that inside is better and safer and that food comes magically twice a day in a little blue dish with paws on it.

Next week I will tell you a little bit about Scotty's ancestry!

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Paddy The Library Cat is a featured columnist here at 365 Cat Ladies and Friends. He is the Library Cat at Pacelli High School in Wisconsin. You may leave messages for him in the Comments section below this post. Thanks for visiting!

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