June 26, 2010

A Happy Surprise Day!

Sister Debbie has the purrfect plan to surprise her brother Rick for his 5oth birthday, including giving him this portrait that features Rick and fellow feline fella Dennis with their two favorite cats. She explains:

"Rick, the guy in the green, had his birthday in May, but a surprise birthday party is being thrown for him today on June 26. Hopefully, he doesn't suspect a thing!"

About the kitties: "Callie (the brown kitty) and Zeke (the grey) are Tonkinese and 10 years old. Rick and Dennis got them as kittens. Callie is the quiet shy one, but she's a jumper and has been known to stroll on top of the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Hmmm, Zeke is a little hefty and might not be as agile. He is the attention-hound. He also loves peanuts! They're both very vocal! It's quite common for one of them to walk through house meowing loudly looking for some company."



Linda Ledbetter said...

What a beautiful portrait, and happy belated birthday to Rick! I fully believe that once we pass forty, we should get at least a month-long celebration.

Unknown said...

I whole-heartedly agree Linda...I always celebrate my birthMONTH now as opposed to one measley birthDAY!

drjinva said...

This is Rick's sister, Debbie. He absolutely loved the gift! Everyone who saw it was very impressed and wanted to hear the details on how it was made. Susan, thank you very very much!