June 14, 2010

Cat Ladies in the News...Birthday Girls

Happy Birthday wishes are in order today for Cat Lady Ginger, pictured here with black girl-cat Star (who mostly lives outdoors) and gingery boy Sunny (an indoor cat).

Ginger tells us: "I am a cat lady from birth... I have always been in love with their cute little faces. My current cat family includes Sunny and Star. Star came from my sister when she realized that she was allergic. Star is a great hunter.

"Sunny was born at my best friend's home. I was able to hold him starting when he was two days old. He is well-named because he brings many sunny happy days to me.

"If people would like to help a great organization they might want to look at No More Homeless Pets
in Utah."


Other birthday celebrations in the past week included Candy of the 8GR8Cats and Cat Lady Sarah.

original art by Susan Faye; graphic art fun by Cat Lady Ann Adamus

Premier Chadwickoon Lady Godiva Candy observed her 11th birthday with Crazy Cat Lady Carm on Thursday, June 10. This Maine Coon beauty celebrated with a tuna feast shared with her seven feline friends. See the birthday pics at this link: Candy's Birthday Purrty

Cat Lady Sarah was also a Birthday Girl this past week on Saturday, June 12, and enjoyed a special treat: Mocha Chunk frozen custard from Strickland's Frozen Custard in Orange County, California. Be sure to check out her latest photos of adorable raccoon babies at her blog The Raccoon Chronicles!

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Greatma said...

Love all the cat art!!!!!!!!!! Love kitty cats. :-)
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