April 12, 2010

Work in Progress...Under Supervision

Remember our winner from the 365 Cat Ladies Spring Celebration Giveaway? It was Cat Lady Jennifer who told us what her cat Pumpkin might like to do if he had a profession:

"Our new cat Pumpkin would definitely be a bee keeper! Every morning he cries to go outside. If the weather is nice I'll let him out and he darts out the back door, quick as a flash, and chases bees. It's so funny to watch him leaping and jumping around the yard like a happy child!"

Jennifer's prize is a custom portrait of Pumpkin and here it is in progress. First some basic colors and some stripes on Pumpkin; then the sky and more details are filled in below:

Stay tuned for the finished version in the next day or two!
Speaking of cat professions, one of Buttonwillow's jobs around here is to inspect my artwork periodically...

It helps to inspect it from as many angles as possible!

Sometimes she feels the need to take matters into her own paws.

Now if only she could just figure out how to make this brush thing work
without the benefit of opposable thumbs! She's working on it...


Jennifer MacNeill said...

Oh my, these pictures are the bee's knees! (pun intended:)

Unknown said...

She is an artist inside thats the most important, we love buttonwillow. kisses