April 10, 2010

What Color is YOUR Tux?

The tuxedo cat controversy rages on...So far in our poll, the purists outnumber the non-traditionals, believing that true tuxedo cats are black and white only. Make your opinion heard in the poll located in the top right corner of this blog.

Crazy Cat Lady Carm goes with black and white only for tuxedo cats, and this spills over into the rare Tuxedo Cat Guy breed. Here is a photo she sent of a Tuxie Feline Fella in his finery (Cat Lad Randy is a concert violinist- as Carm puts it "The Cat with the fiddle!) with Puffy, the matriarch of the 8GR8CATS

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[photo courtesy of CCL Carm. Please note the copy of her custom portrait - PLUS her Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club documentation on the door...]

Look for ten original mini watercolor paintings of tuxedo cat variations that are up for auction this week at the link below. Each painting was a part of the 365 Cat Ladies series featured in this blog during 2009. Here is your chance to collect original artwork without breaking the bank, plus you will own a little piece of 365 Cat Lady history!

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