April 25, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

As Cat Lady Debbie can tell you, there's nothing like a Terrific Tonkinese to put a twinkle in your eye. Take Twinkle, for example--a thirteen-year old beauty who is Debbie's pride and joy.

"Twinkle is quite a character -- when her Daddy goes away overnight he has to have a little talk with her beforehand and tell her he will be away and to take care of Mommy. If he does not do this -- Twinkle will come into the bedroom in the middle of the night, jump up on the bed and 'tell me' that Daddy is not home. If he has told her - I don't hear a peep from her until morning!!

"Another thing she does is 'fuss' (that is what we call it anyway). She meows with her mouth closed! However, she uses a very loud meow if she is actually trying to make her wants and needs known."

The Cat Fanciers' Association tells us, The Tonkinese blends the best features of its ancestors into one beautiful, medium-sized cat that is remarkably dense and muscular. Whether appearing in the coat pattern of its Burmese predecessor, with sparkling gold-green eyes, the pointed pattern of its Siamese ancestor, with glittering blue eyes, or the “mink” coat pattern seen in the show ring, with its unique aqua eyes, the Tonkinese is an intelligent, gregarious cat with a sense of humor.

Read more about the Terrific Tonkinese here: Tonkinese Breed Profile


Jennifer MacNeill said...

Beautiful! Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Twinkle definitely approves of her portrait and has spread the word about your wonderful site.
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Great portrait!! Knowing Cat Lady Debbie and Twinkle, you have captured their personalities beautifully!

Laura Haviland said...

Twinkle is just adorable, I love the colors.
Have a nice day, gotta love cats.
I do !! too. : )