April 16, 2010

Meet Pumpkin The Bee Keeper

"Our new cat Pumpkin would definitely be a bee keeper!
Every morning he cries to go outside. If the weather is nice
I'll let him out and he darts out the back door, quick as a flash,
and chases bees. It's so funny to watch him leaping and
jumping around the yard like a happy child!

That's how Cat Lady Jennifer (winner of the 365 Cat Ladies Spring Celebration Giveaway) described the adventurous Pumpkin and what profession he might choose if only he could...

When not outside chasing bees, Pumpkin enjoys life inside the house that he shares with a couple of other special felines and their respective humans. Jennifer explains:

"In our house we all have our own cats. My husband's cat was first. We call him Meemee Doodle. He came from a litter of barn cats and was dropped off at my mother's work. She brought him home and when we would visit, he really bonded with Kevin. My mom gave him to Kevin on Christmas 10+ years ago.

"My cat, Zazu, was rescued from a shelter about 6 years ago. All day long I couldn't shake the thought that I had to go to the Humane League and get a cat. My husband was not very happy with this after working a long day but agreed to go with me. We found Zazu and she was so sick they probably would have put her down (over $400 in vet bills that week).

"Pumpkin is the new addition. He came from a feral mother that was a recent drop off at my mom's farm. When we would visit, my daughter, Zoe, would carry him around and he would just accept everything she did to him like a little rag doll. Once he was old enough to eat on his own, we brought him home. He is the sweetest cat, loves to be cuddled and scratched."

Jennifer is a talented Etsy artist who specializes in beautiful equine art and whimsical Halloween art. You can enjoy her wonderful creations at her website: Gypsy Mare Studios plus see her hand-painted jewelry and more art at her Etsy Shop. Follow her creative endeavors on her blog The Mare's Tales. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Great work so sweet. Miaus

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Thank you so much susan, it's a beautiful painting that we will treasure!

Jaime Haney said...

what a cutie Pumpkin is! love the bees buzzing about

Linda B said...

I'm a huge fan and love this one. Our fuzzy children don't go out, but they run our lives inside.