February 17, 2010

Featured Art Auction....It's All In Black and White

Is your best buddy a bicolor beauty in black and white?

There are many different bicolor patterns with descriptive names such as patched, pied, particolored, harlequin, magpie, piebald or "white spotted". Specific patterns include:

"cow or moo cat" (random spots like a Holstein)

"mask-and-mantle" (covering eyes with "cape" on back)

"cap-and-saddle" (color on top of head and large spot on back)

Pictured here are 10 miniature watercolor paintings of bicolor cats and their cat ladies that were a part of the 365 Cat Ladies featured in this blog during 2009. All are being auctioned off this week on Ebay...here is your chance to collect original artwork without breaking the bank, plus you will own a little piece of 365 Cat Lady history!

Place your bid today at:


Auction ends the morning of Tuesday Feb 23. Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I went to eBay and - it made me HAVE to commission a portrait! I'm so tempted by several of the listings – but it's addictive in a way! I want to see a beautiful piece of art with my babies and me! >^..^<

There are a couple I may have to get from eBay anyway...