February 9, 2010

Crazy For Calicoes...Art Auction on Ebay

Did you know that the state cat of Maryland is the calico cat? According to the state website:"Effective October 1, 2001, the calico cat became the official cat of Maryland (Chapter 194, Acts of 2001; Code State Government Article, sec. 13-317). Its colors of orange, black, and white are shared with the Baltimore oriole (State bird) and the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly (State insect).

"Calico is not a breed of cat, but an unusual coloring occurring across many breeds, including Domestic Short-hair, Persian, and Manx. Virtually all calico cats are female."

Pictured here are 10 miniature watercolor paintings of calico cat ladies that were a part of the 365 Cat Ladies featured in this blog during 2009. All are being auctioned off this week on Ebay...here is your chance to collect original artwork without breaking the bank, plus you will own a little piece of 365 Cat Lady history!

Place your bid today at:


Auction ends the morning of Tuesday Feb 16. Thanks for visiting!

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Daisy said...

Calico cats are most excellent! We LOVE our special painting!!!!