December 21, 2009

Cat Lady No. 346...Congratulations Are In Order

Cat Lady Georgina and new Cat Mom Calliope would like to announc the winners of the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for December:

Tote Bag winner is Cat Lady Patricia and Miss Breezy who wish Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward "all creatures great and small". Be sure to visit their Etsy shop and blog Funny End of the Tail to congratulate them!

Porcelain Ornament winner is Mr. Ducky Doo from Canada who is passionate about crinkle balls. He wishes Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward "crinkle balls, if only one night a year. After Christmas though and they have it coming to em. ;) Meow!" Read about his adventures at his very own blog What's Up, Duck?
Mini Poster winner is Cat Lady Rose, who happens to be Cat Lady No.338 and co-founder of Angelcat Haven. Her wish is for Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward our ocean friends "hermit crabs, manatees and whales".

Thank you to everyone who participated!!

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