December 12, 2009

Cat Lady No. 338...In Memory of Inky

Three years ago, Cat Lady Rose became co-founder of a non-profit volunteer cat rescue group called Angelcat Haven in Massachusetts. She and friend Cat Lady Angela saw the need in their community for foster-based rescue, instead of a shelter. Now they have over 30 volunteers and have rescued 408 cats since that time!

Their cats live in foster homes with volunteers until they are adopted and are"cage free" unless they are sick and require medication or do not get along with other cats.

Rose tells us about her own lucky adoptees : "Cecil (orange tabby) was a stray from my neighborhood, as was Bill (brown tabby). I think they are father and son or at least related. Angel (fluffy brown cat) was rescued from my hometown in Pennsylvania last Christmas. My father passed away and when I went home for his funeral, she showed up on my parents' porch in a snowstorm. We brought her home with us."

It was with great sadness that Rose and family recently had to say goodbye to the beautiful black cat Inky during Thanksgiving weekend.

Inky was one of nine all-black cats from a shelter that Rose had previously volunteered at. Only Rose could tell them apart. "Although it's 2009, people are still superstitious, therefore black cats get adopted less frequently than any other color. [Inky] sat in a cage for seven months and I felt so sad that nobody wanted her, so I adopted her.

"She was the sweet companion of my husband and I for six years and was a wonderful, talkative cat who slept in bed with us every night". She was twelve years old.

Donations in memory of Inky can be made to Angelcat Haven by visiting their website. You can also buy handmade catnip mats (VERY reasonably priced!) for your little darlings to help support the work of the Haven:
Catnip Mats

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