December 26, 2009

Cat Lady and Lad Nos. 350 and 351...Brotherly Love

Resistance is futile; just ask Cat Lady Sita and Feline Fella Justin...One look at their gorgeous fluff-balls with their soulful orange-yellow eyes and your heart can't help but melt.

British Shorthair Cats Wendell and William are brothers, born six months apart. Big brother Wendell is the shy one and at four years old weighs 15 pounds. William, who is six months younger, thinks he is the boss of things and weighs in at 14 pounds. In spite of the occasional boxing match, they adore each other and are virtually inseparable.

William and Wendell have their own very popular YouTube channel,, where you can enjoy over 40 clips of their antics and brotherly love. Here is William demonstrating the fine art of cat massage on big brother Wendell....

Some interesting tidbits about the British Shorthair Cat Breed from Justin:
-the breed matures very slowly, so W&W are not at full size or weight
yet (usually takes 5 years)
-male British Shorthairs are much larger and rounder than the
females--they tend to weigh 15-20 pounds at full weight
-they have a very plush "double coat" which means they shed a lot and
need frequent brushing
-they are extremely affectionate and loyal--they follow us from room
to room and sleep with us every night
-they are also very well behaved and "civilized" (in typical British fashion)
-they have very quiet voices and don't meow often
-their classic coloring is blue-gray, but they also come in a variety
of other colors (most often white or white/blue-gray mix)

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