October 3, 2009

Cat Lady No. 272...You Are My Sunshine

Kalin Mae was rescued "from the chopping block" when she was 11 months old by Cat Lady Cyndi.

Eternally grateful, Kalin became her new mama's Little Sunshine for the next 18 years.

During that time, Kalin showed an amazing aptitude for math and statistics. In 2003 she helped Feline Fella Rick discover a sequence of numbers (now called the Kalin Sequence: 2,4,2,4,6,2,6,4) that help explain the pattern of the prime numbers. For two consecutive nights, she used her tail-swishing (two flicks; four flicks, etc) to help him solve this age-old math problem that she claimed "was just too easy for my superior cat intelligence."

As for statistics, here are some of Kalin's favorites that she made note of:

• Mama told me that she loved me every single day that I belonged to her: 6544 times
• I snuggled on my Mama’s lap this many times (at least once a day after dinner): 6425 times (discounting her vacation days every year)
• Mama ensured that I would see a long and happy life on earth: 6874 days = 18.82 years
• Mama fed me this many cans of Fancy Feast every night around midnight when I meowed at her to feed me: 6425 times
• Mama emptied my litter box this many times: 12850 times
• Mama gave me a whole lobster on my 10th birthday: 1 time
• Every time my folks went out to dinner each week, I was never let down when I begged for and received special treats: 2754 times

As Kalin's housemate Shabby said "Kalin would have liked for me to relay her thanks to all the Mamas out there who have had the opportunity to know what it is like to care for and love a cat through a long, happy, and sometimes challenging life."

In Loving Memory of Kalin Mae

You will find more of Kalin's fascinating statistics at Kalin's Catster Page!

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